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Guy's Brilliant New Approach To 'Seasonal' Dating Has Women Cheering 👏

Guy's Brilliant New Approach To 'Seasonal' Dating Has Women Cheering 👏
Twitter: @squidslippers

It can be hard to find a date. Sometimes you're too nervous to talk to someone. Other times, you're brave, but you get shot down, and it shakes your confidence. But maybe sometimes, a clever little gimmick would help. That's exactly the method Twitter user @squidslippers (real name Jake Moreno) used to try and find a date this year.

Jake Moreno is a 23-year-old writer from Utah, and he came up with a novel way of getting some dates. He buys girls he likes coffee before he even meets them!

Confused? Don't be. It's actually quite simple. Moreno bought five dollar Starbucks gift cards for his potential dates, attached to a note.

To start, they read:

"Congratulations on being attractive!"

It continues:


Moreno has yet to put this idea in action, but he plans to do it soon:

"I actually haven't given any cards out yet. I plan to give them all out by the end of the week or at the start of next."

Several women replied to him on Twitter, praising the brilliant dating idea. The original method of trying to get a date has more than 9,500 likes on Twitter.

Several people loved the idea:

He gained some admirers:

And even convinced some people to try it themselves:

Moreno said:

“I actually had the idea a few months ago when I was thinking of other ways to ask girls on dates.
I joke about it a lot but I really do have a pretty low success rate with the ladies. Hopefully this works!"

Somehow Jake, we don't think it'll be too hard:

We wish Jake luck, not that he'll need with this idea!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.