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Guy Accidentally Tips The Pizza Delivery Girl An Insane Amount After Getting Way Too High, And Doesn't Realize Until It's Too Late

Guy Accidentally Tips The Pizza Delivery Girl An Insane Amount After Getting Way Too High, And Doesn't Realize Until It's Too Late
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We all have horror stories about unintentionally doing a good thing for someone, but one guy recently shared a story on Reddit that takes the cake.

Or, should we say, the whole pizza pie.

Reddit user RMFL posted about how he accidentally gave a pizza delivery girl the tip of a lifetime on the sub-Reddit TIFU (which stands for Time I F**ked Up).

And it's a real doozy:

RMFL starts off by sharing how the day was going great after he cashed in his bitcoin for a healthy profit, so he decided to celebrate with some edibles and a pizza.

"So today I sold my bitcoin I bought 2 years ago I spent like $100 on the investment or something, I cashed it out at a bitcoin atm and brought it home the first thing I did to celebrate was buy some edibles. I buy some edibles eat a whole brownie and am out of it, I order some pizza and take some money from my wad and put it in a pile on the table next to me total was like 20 so I put 23."

But when the delivery girl showed up, he was way too high to figure out which bundle of money he'd set aside to pay her.

And he grabbed the wrong one:

"Since I'm high af the pizza delivery girl knocks I grab the wad of all the money not the $23 stack. I give it to her and she starts crying she keeps saying are you sure you don't know how much this is going to help me. Freaked out and high I say okay and just rush inside."

Not fun to realize that you just gave away rent.

"Right now after waking up being passed out I realize what I've done, gave away my bill money for this month lol."


Now, $1100 isn't the guy's entire life savings (or at least we hope not), but still. That's gonna hurt for a bit.

But at least he has some good perspective on it, and he helped out a stranger in a way that could change her life for the better, so he can feel good about that.

In a follow-up, RMFL said that he had decided against calling the pizza shop to try and get his money back.

One former pizza delivery person shared a story about how they once had to give back a $15 tip after a woman's husband called in to complain.

"I worked as a delivery driver for Domino's in high school, and I once had to return a tip I was given. I delivered the food which came to like $35, and the lady who answered the door handed me $50. She said to keep the change, which surprised me. I even said, "this is a $15 tip, you sure?" "Absolutely, you deserve it," she replied. Wow, what a nice lady."
"I get back to the store to hear my manager on the phone trying to calm someone down. The lady's husband called in and demanded that I return the tip, because he never would have tipped that much. My manager told me I had to return it. I was f**king pissed and I still remember the guy's house." - CrakAndJaxter


Some other people also revealed similar stories of getting stoned and over-tipping, although not quite to the extreme of RMFL.

"I was very stoned and starving from munchies so I ordered pizza. I was so hungry. Pizza arrives and it's an old man and he's slow getting up my step, slow looking at the receipt and trying to read it off. I was so hungry and this was taking too long. He starts to count back my change and I just told him to keep it because my stoned brain said it was a $20 and not a 50$. He seemed surprised and he had a kind face and he was obviously trying hard. So after I ate and I went to count my money did I realize I gave him over a $30 tip. It's fine, he's happy." - Union_of_Onion
"Similar story alert...Once in an extremely high stupor, on a visit to Salt Lake City I accidentally tipped my pizza delivery guy $140. We were baking edibles for the first time and smoking an ungodly amount. I answered the door and dropped all my cash, (this was while on vacation) i was gathering it all up and embarrassed and stoned I handed him all the crumpled bills which I mistakenly thought were ones'...lmao nah."
"Once homie realized how much I tipped him be actually called me back to make sure but alas, I was stoned. I missed his call, he cashed out and split it amongst his co-workers and I went skiing the next day and couldn't call him back until two or three days later. Cory from the Piehole...I appreciate you're efforts and kind gestures. I hope you and your friends enjoyed a decent tip."
"Hook me up with a slice, it's been 9 years but, what the heck? Lmaooo" - The5thLoko


Hopefully RMFL has some good karma headed his way.

"On the upside you're going to have the faster pizza delivery time in the city from now on." - radditor5
"Well uh, you made someone else's life much better and that deserves an upvote." - broodydonut

And look on the bright side:

"Hey u still have $23 don't be upset" - Wingston420

I think we all learned a valuable lesson here.

Don't do drugs and order take-out, kids!

"All I can do is laugh. You buy pot brownies, and it cost you $1100. Hope those were some good $1100 brownies." - Sync14


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