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New 'Despicable Me' 'Gorl' Meme Is Transforming Your Favorite Stars

"Despicable Me" seems to be at the center of a meme resurgence! Who could forget one of the internet's newest stars: the Gru's plan meme!

Gru wasn't done with meme-dom fame yet, however! On Twitter, users seem to be fixating on the evil genius's pronunciation of the word girl ("gorl") and replacing any pop-culture usages of "girl" with the appropriate substitute.

Gru is literally taking over the entire world.

He also seems to be making an appearance in many 90's classics.

Before you go thinking there can be only one Gru, think again...

Nothing is safe from the wave of "Gorls."

This Gru meme should hold the internet over for a couple weeks until we manage to find a new moment from Despicable Me to obsess over!

H/T - Twitter, Know Your Meme