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GOP Strategist Sent 'At Least The Guy Was A Democrat' Text To AG Who Killed Man In Hit-And-Run

GOP Strategist Sent 'At Least The Guy Was A Democrat' Text To AG Who Killed Man In Hit-And-Run

The South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s fatal hit-and-run in September of 2020 is even worse than originally expected.

It’s now being reported that just days after the incident, a GOP political strategist sent a text, reassuring Ravnsborg by mocking the victim for their political affiliation.

Text messages to and from Ravnsborg reveal a history of disparaging comments toward law enforcement officers, judges, legislators, prosecutors and a United States senator.

However, the discussion around the hit-and-run victim is particularly egregious.

Back in 2020, on September 12, Ravnsborg killed Joe Boever.

While he initially claimed he didn’t know it was a person he hit, saying he thought it was a deer, investigators found Boever’s glasses in Ravnsborg’s vehicle.

Since then, Ravnsborg has been tight lipped about the investigation into the incident, despite calls from Republican Governor Kristi Noem that Ravnsborg resign.

Two days after the hit-and-run, Ravnsborg received a text from a Republican political strategist saying:

“Well, at least the guy was a Democrat.”

Boever was the cousin of Nick Nemec, a Democrat and former state legislator. Nemec said that his cousin was registered as a Democrat, but wasn’t active in politics.

The text message came up in a letter from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety Secretary Craig Price to the Speaker of the South Dakota House of Representatives Spencer Gosch.

Price also posted the letter to Twitter, and said:

“In the interest of continued transparency on this important issue, I sent this letter to the Honorable Speaker Gosch today. I can’t speak for the committee, but I’m confident they are interested in the truth and facts as well.”

Nemec provided insight on the effect of the letter, saying it has reenergized impeachment proceedings for the attorney general.

The disparaging text just reinforced the mentality that the GOP has for Democrats.

The GOP has a long history of claiming that Democrats are causing the political rift between the parties, while also being incredibly divisive. They constantly make whatever comments they can to insult those on the other side of the political aisle.

This includes something as small and petty as wishing a “Happy Presidents’ Day” to everyone but President Joe Biden.