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Google Just Changed The Salad Emoji To Be Vegan-Friendly—But Not Everyone Is Happy

Google Just Changed The Salad Emoji To Be Vegan-Friendly—But Not Everyone Is Happy
Google, @corinevloet/Twitter

The world is becoming more and more inclusive of people of different lifestyles. Examples of these changes can be seen everywhere, but one surprisingly ubiquitous indication of our society's increased acceptance is in our phones: the ever-expanding roster of emojis.

When teen teen Rayouf Alhumedhi suggested Apple add a hijabi emoji so there would be an emoji who "looked like her," the world saw it as a victory when, in the next update, Alhumedhi's request was fulfilled.

But Google isn't stopping there, and their most recent "inclusive" emoji is striking some people the wrong way. Google emoji user experience manager Jennifer Daniel posted this tweet on Wednesday, June 6, that has the internet buzzing:

By removing eggs from the emoji, Google is hoping to make their salad emoji more vegan-friendly. For some, this caused genuine celebration and/or outrage.

For most Twitter users, however, it caused a healthy dose of snark:

Though some wondered whether the original post might be a joke in itself?

It will be a dark day when the world has to reckon with #BringBackTheEgg.

Perhaps prompted by the surprising flood of strong feelings surrounding the egg, Jennifer chimed back in to amend her earlier claim slightly:

Perhaps Jennifer regrets opening this can of worms, but if she hadn't, the world would never have gotten to read this breathtaking exchange:

A few more new emojis will also be on the way...though no more egg-centered lightning rods of controversy.

But I think we all see the real problem with the salad emojis and if it's not fixed soon I am going to LOSE IT:

H/T - Indy 100, Twitter