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Glenn Close Delivers Powerful Love Letter To New York City In Heartfelt Video About The City Where She Got Her Start

Glenn Close Delivers Powerful Love Letter To New York City In Heartfelt Video About The City Where She Got Her Start

In case you haven't heard, New York city has been hit extremely hard by the ongoing crisis.

New York holds a special place in the hearts of millions.

Millions of people have started careers, families and new life chapters within its steel and concrete bounds. Each and every one of those peoples' hearts ache right now.

Glenn Close is no different.

She got her start in NYC, and she is feeling for it very hard right now.

"I'm thinking about New York tonight. Really, really missing it," she began.

"I wish I were there, going through all this in the city that nurtured me, from the very beginning of my career, which has always brought me huge comfort, comfort in the crowds in the subway, comfort walking along the streets, comfort in my neighborhood."

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Though Glenn Close is riding out her lockdown in Montana, she misses everything about her home city.

"All the dogs. I miss Grounded—a great little coffee shop around the corner."

"I remember I auditioned once. It was for Rex, it was for the next-to-last Richard Rogers musical and it was probably ill-conceived because it was about Henry VIII and his wives, not all of them but some of them. Maybe not the best subject for a musical but it was Richard Rogers and I was so lucky to be part of something like that in the early part of my career."

She continued nostalgically recounting this big moment in her career:

"Anyway, I went in and I read and sang, I always got so nervous at singing rehearsals, oof, I mean singing auditions. I remember leaving the theater and thinking 'Oh boy, I did not do well, I did not do my best, they did not see me at my best' and there is nothing worse than that. It's like going through an exam and coming out knowing that you didn't do well and you feel terrible because you know you're capable of doing better."

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She didn't stop there.

"So, I wrote them a letter and I said, please give me a second chance, I don't feel that I gave you my best. And I had originally read for the part of Ann Boleyn, but I went back and read again and got the part of Mary Tudor who was basically Bloody Mary. I remember going out of the theater and literally it was like the streets were paved with gold. I felt I wasn't even touching the sidewalk because I had a chance."

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Profoundly happy memories like that don't go away easily.

"I had a chance, I had a job, I'd be measuring myself against other actors and learning, and observing, but I remember the feeling of walking down the sidewalk in the theater district. The world was my oyster. And I wonder why they say "It's as if the streets were paved with gold" because I think for us [New Yorkers] it's not about gold, it's about the absolute thrill—the joy of being able to do what you want most in the world to do and what you feel is why you're here.To have that chance. That's New York for me. The city of endless adventure, endless possibility."

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New York has become a very different place as of late, with once bustling streets now completely empty and the lingering feeling that all dreams have been put on hold indefinitely.

New York will once again become the city of dreams, and for those of us who know what that is like, stories like Ms. Close's keep us a little more hopeful that we can weather the storm just a little longer.

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