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Four-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Lays Into 'Annoying' Panic Buyers For Stockpiling All The Food At The Grocery Store

Jen Legg/Facebook

Panic buying is the topic on everybody's mind.

Routinely, for the past few weeks, folks have been raiding their local stores for everything from toilet paper, to hand sanitizer, to masks.

And a four year old girl from Scotland has, quite frankly, had it with your annoying habits.

"What if they took all the food? There'd be no food left!"

The girl makes several strong arguments for why panic buying just isn't cool.

She also suggests that her mother should call the police to take "them [the panic buyers] to jail."

Folks across the world are continuing to ignore advice from the government that the pandemic will likely not affect the food and goods supply chain.

Retail confusion has been hitting the UK for months due to the impending exodus from the EU, with customers pulling back on spending and stores being left with either shortage or overstock of supplies from imported goods.

With panic buyers complicating that equation even further, some supplies may take far longer to get back in stock.

Though it seems victimless, panic buying could also harm those most vulnerable to the virus, causing some stores to offer "elderly hours" to combat panic buyers.

Perhaps panic buying will die down in the near future, but for now, this is our reality.