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Woman Flabbergasted After Noticing The Rude Name She Was Given On Her Bar Receipt


It's natural for us all to be concerned with what our waitstaff think of us, especially if we are out eating by ourselves.

But this woman found her fears about being judged by her waitstaff were all too real.

Twitter user GotMiAAngel was gobsmacked when she received a receipt for her meal and drinks that simply noted her as "girl by herself."

She shared the receipt on Twitter.

The tweet immediately went viral for how absolutely, no holds barred, savage it was.

The user also said that she wasn't even sitting alone at her table, so all around, the mnemonic clarifier doesn't make any sense.

Restaurant workers will often use mnemonic devices to remember which check is for which customer, and according to some of the shared stories, this person got lucky to only be described as "girl by herself."

Still others felt way too seen and targeted by the description on the receipt, even though it was not assigned to them.

Those who feel seen and utterly savaged by this—we see you too.

We stand with you.