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Georgia Preschool Teachers Arrested After Parents Catch Them Abusing Kids On Live Classroom Feed

Georgia Preschool Teachers Arrested After Parents Catch Them Abusing Kids On Live Classroom Feed

Twp preschool teachers have been taken into custody after they were accused of violently abusing the toddlers they were supposed to be educating.

The police department in Roswell, Georgia have said they arrested Zenia Alostwani and Soriana Briceno on charges of cruelty to children. The two were caught thanks to live webcams broadcasting from their classroom.

Parents tuned into the feed to see the teachers assaulting the toddlers.

According to reports, Gloria Barghi and Brant Duncan are a couple whose son was in the classroom. Barghi logged into the Parker-Chase Preschool’s camera system to check on their child, when they saw the teacher assaulting the first victim in the feed.

What happened from there was described as “concerning physical contact” from Alostwani, 40, and Briceno, 19, to the children.

In footage provided by the police, the very young students are seated on a rug. As one of the teachers gets in the face of a student, the other comes from behind and steps on the child’s hand.

Then the teacher moves on to the next student and kicks them in the back. The first teacher points in the child’s face and pushes them back with her finger.

Upon seeing the abuse on video, Barghi and Duncan raced to the school to confront the situation and were surprised at the response they received.

Duncan said:

“It almost came across as defensive, not believing that it really happened. They had no policies in place, there was no, ‘if this happens, these are the procedures we go by,’ to the point that I had to demand that the teachers be removed from the classroom.”
“And we would not leave until they were removed. The director looked at me and even questioned, ‘So you want me to remove them?’ And I said, ‘You better believe it. Remove them now.’”

It was a nightmare for any parent to experience.

After being tipped off, the police began their investigation on June 1st. Eventually, Alostwani and Briceno were arrested on June 6th and booked to the Fulton County Jail.

A judge denied bond for Briceno and set the bond for Alostwani at $75,000.

Despite this, parents are calling on authorities to do more. They fear there may be more instances of abuse going on at the school.

The Roswell Police Department is already looking into the situation, going back several weeks in recorded footage to review instances of possible abuse. To that end, they are calling on others to come forward who may have been assaulted at the school.

Barghi and Duncan, meanwhile, are trying to talk other parents into taking their children’s safety seriously.

Barghi said:

“What we can do is spread the word, what we can do is bring light to the situation. And so that's all we want is just for people to know and for the people that were involved to be held accountable.”

Torture as discipline is always horrifying to find happening in your kids school. It’s important that you keep in touch with teachers to try and figure out how things work in the classroom.

Otherwise, you get situations like the one that happened in Collin County, Texas earlier this year, where a teacher used a high pitched noise to torture her students.