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Georgia Governor's Solution For Voters Stuck In Long Lines Is To Just 'Order A Pizza' From UberEats

Georgia Governor's Solution For Voters Stuck In Long Lines Is To Just 'Order A Pizza' From UberEats
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Following the extended controversy surrounding Georgia's new, highly restrictive voting regulations, Republican Governor Brian Kemp appeared on the right-wing conservative network Newsmax to try and defend his party's actions.

One aspect of the law which many have flagged as discriminatory is the criminalization of people handing out free water or food to voters waiting in lines that last hours.

Due to the lack of polling sites in areas with high minority populations in Georgia, some voters (most often voters of color) end up waiting in line for many hours. Volunteers often handed out food and water so that any Georgian who wants to could exercise their right to vote.

The Republican-sponsored bill, however, makes handing out these supplies illegal.

When asked about it, Kemp said:

"They can order a pizza. They can order Grubhub or UberEats, right?"

Twitter disagreed strongly with Kemp's claim that "ordering Grubhub" would make voting more available.

Many even questioned the legality of receiving pizza under the current law.

It was pretty obvious to everyone watching Kemp's goal wasn't to make voting easier for all citizens.

It was to make sure his party won, no matter whose vote had to be suppressed.

Georgia's new voting law makes it more difficult than ever to vote.

President Joe Biden has attacked the Georgia voting legislation as discriminatory, describing it as a "return to Jim Crow" in the South.

Multiple large companies, including Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and the MLB have denounced the law and taken steps to distance themselves from Georgia.

Kemp said these companies have "caved to the mob."

Kemp faces reelection in 2022 and, following the passage of this bill, many are hoping he sees consequences at the ballot box.