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This Viral Thread Reversing Gender Roles In History Perfectly Calls Out Sexism

Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images, @JuliusGoat/Twitter

We know history is sexist simply because of the sexism embedded in the English language.

But it's so much more than that.

The way history is narrated is inherently sexist.

Twitter user @JuliusGoat sought to highlight that by pointing out the ways that the patriarchy has been oppressing women for hundreds of years.

Starting with the dialogue surrounding the Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2020 race.

Next, we moved to the different branches of US Government.

And then women's civilian history as men's future.

Acknowledging these hypotheticals, he moves ahead to say that it's important to the discussion to understand what sort of reaction the country would have to the things women have already endured.

And it works across the board for more minority populations.

And you know what?

Women are done.

It turns out that this theory isn't something new, after all.

In "Western culture" (Eurocentric) and Eastern culture women have faced systematic oppression since Ancient Greece, where they were unable to vote, own land or inherit anything. When European explorers came to the Americas, they forced patriarchy onto cultures that were often matrilineal, matriarchal or equality based.

Thousands and thousands of years of oppression have drained women of their patience.