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Gay Man Dumbfounded After Guy He Went On Date With Ghosted Him For The Pettiest Reason

South_agency/Getty Images; @flamencolambada/Twitter

A viral tweet from a man in Manchester, UK, might be all you need to kill your faith in humanity this week.

The man tweeted a text message he'd received from a former date, who hadn't responded to him all week, and then simply broke up with him because of the use of a choice phrase.

See below:

"Hey man, sorry for not messaging until now," wrote back the man.

"I enjoyed our date last week but when you said the phrase 'put my thinking cap on' it kinda gave me the ick so I wasn't really interested in pursuing things. Also do you know of any like soul funk hip hop disco kind of vibes DJs in Manchester?"

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The man who received the text, known as Jacques, said that ultimately the entire exchange was a laugh.

"It just made me laugh as it was so absurd, but also a pretty accurate reflection of dating in Manchester!"

Jacques, however, said he wasn't surprised not to receive a second date due to the nature of the response time.

"He was quite awkward on the date and then ghosted me for ten days before sending this," said Jacques.

The excuses for ghosting people have clearly run out in the 2020s.