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Guy's Mom Has Instantly Iconic Response After He Tells Her He's Not A Bottom


Gays are the most extra.

But sometimes our moms are showing us up ten ways from Sunday.

After thinking he was going to make a shocking TikTok by discussing his sex life with his mother, @DCHomos was surprised when his mom gave it RIGHT back to him unabashedly.



Some choice phrases include:

"So you are a bottom?"

"Wait. OK, that's just not what you're supposed to say," says the guy.

"What am I supposed to say?" his mum asks.

She adds as evidence:

"Bulls**t. Have you ever done anything for anybody else? No, you're a taker."

Conversations on being gay have come very far in the last twenty years.

In fact, Mom is winning some serious praise for her openness to her gay son's sex life.

What a time to be alive.