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Woman Goes Off On TikToker At Gas Station For Sitting At The Pump She Wanted In Bizarre Video

Woman Goes Off On TikToker At Gas Station For Sitting At The Pump She Wanted In Bizarre Video

We regret to inform you that the Karens are at it again.

This time, the setting is a gas station in Los Angeles, where a Karen lost her ever-loving mind because a woman was at the gas pump she wanted to use--at a gas station with several other open pumps.

The Karen's victim uploaded the whole thing to TikTok, and it's a doozy.

@evergreenandmrsn She stormed inside without a mask and demanded the worker tell me to move 💀 ##karen
♬ original sound - EvergreenAndMRSN

TikToker evergreendandmsrn filmed the bizarre encounter. In the video, the Karen was seen filming and photographing evergreenandmrsn's car, including her license plate, as if she was planning on reporting the TikToker for some kind of crime.

When she approached the TikToker's window, evergreenandmrsn rolled her window down and asked the woman what her deal was, whereupon the Karen called her a "b*tch." She then went back to her SUV and sat staring at evergreenandmrsn, pointing at her gas pump and mouthing "I want that one."

Never budging, evergreenandmrsn then addressed the camera to explain how this all started: She was sitting at her gas pump after having pumped her gas, looking up directions on her phone.

Now at first blush, that sounds like deeply annoying and inconsiderate behavior, right? Especially in a car-choked city like LA, where gas stations routinely develop long lines for gas pumps.

But, as evergreenandmrsn pans her phone to show us, nearly all of the gas station's pumps are empty. Karen is melting down for no reason.

And melt down she did--in a follow-up TikTok, evergreenandmrsn explained that the Karen went so far as to go inside the gas station and complain, whereupon she was told by the attendant to simply sue another pump like a normal person.

@evergreenandmrsn People's comments about how petty they'd be are sendingg me though
♬ original sound - EvergreenAndMRSN

And, as the TikToker explained, the Karen even had a child with her in the car.

"..she left a whole a** child in the car to go throw a fit. She was yelling inside of her car, yelling outside of her car, laying on her horn. That's so embarrassing!"

Other TikTokers could not believe their eyes--and evergreenandmrsn's experience immediately brought out their vengeful sides.