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Gabrielle Union's Story About Letting Her Uber Driver Use Her Bathroom Is All Kinds Of Nope

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Give an Uber driver an inch...

...and apparently he'll take a...

...well, poo.


This New Year's Eve, model, actress and domestic violence activist Gabrielle Union learned all too clearly that no good deed goes unpunished.

Union, known best for her starring role in BET's Being Mary Jane and her breakout role in Bring it On shared the details shortly after the "incident" occurred in the final moments of her trip home from whatever dope New Years Eve plans I presume she was involved with.

Fun fact: the other half of that "we" is Dwyane Wade, ex Miami Heat guard and Union's husband since 2014.

Not surprisingly, Gabrielle Union's 4.2 million followers turned the anecdote viral, offering plenty of hot takes along the way.

And some more empathetic than others...

And as viral posts tend to do, Union's tweet got the attention of Uber's customer service team and forced a response.

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