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Critics Slam Tucker Carlson's Latest Remarks About Immigration As 'Flat-Out White Nationalism'

Fox News

Far-Right xenophobe and sycophant to President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, continued his tradition of racist rhetoric targeting immigrants, using his nationally televised Fox News show.

Speaking with climate change denier Justin Haskins about the numerous refugees that the climate crisis will create if left unmitigated, Carlson said that immigration would crowd and despoil the country.

Watch below.

Carlson said:

"And also, if you cared about the environment, which I personally do, emphatically care ― I actually go outside once in a while unlike most people on the left ― why would you want a crowded country? Isn't crowding your country the fastest way to despoil it, to pollute it, to make it, you know, a place you wouldn't want to live?"

This is far from the first time Tucker's let his racism show.

In unearthed tapes, the dictionary's image for mediocrity called Iraq "a terrible place filled with semiliterate, primitive monkeys."


People were quick to call him out.

Tucker would do well to remember that the immigrants who brought the most damage to the United States were the ones who look like him.

Tucker is expected to celebrate a major holiday all about immigration, with refugees arriving uninvited in a foreign country, however.

It's called Thanksgiving.


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