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Former Soldier Who Lost Both His Legs In Iraq Issues Emotional Plea Not To Start Another War

When President Trump sanctioned a political assassination order against Iranian Maj. General Qasem Soleimani, it brought tensions between the United States and Iran to a boiling point.

Iran promised retaliation, saying they would escalate the conflict still further if the U.S. chose to answer.

The self-made conflict, stemming from President Trump's early decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, has many Americans fearful of the prospect of yet another war in the middle east.

On Twitter, a former soldier, Steven Kiernan, wrote about the effects of war and why we should stay not court conflict.

Kiernan shared pictures of his fellow soldiers, almost all of whom had been terribly affected by their service.



The former soldier told his followers to reach out to their members of Congress to stop his experiences from happening again.

Twitter took Kiernan's words very seriously.

Americans who think war is necessary often aren't the people marching into battle.

Many thanked Kiernan for being brave enough to speak his mind.

Others felt the President was acting irresponsibly by escalating this conflict.

Our country owes much to our military service members.

Our country should always be looking for ways to avoid wars, not creating opportunities to start them.