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Florida Woman Arrested After Driving Naked Through Tense SWAT Stand-Off In A Golf Cart

Florida Woman Arrested After Driving Naked Through Tense SWAT Stand-Off In A Golf Cart
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

We promise this isn't a joke.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, K9 deputies, the SWAT Team and Negotiator Response Team members were called to handle a fleeing 18-year-old Myles Abbott.

During the armed stand-off, deputies were interrupted by a naked woman driving her golf cart through the SWAT team's position, putting herself and deputies in danger.

It was a six hour stand-off that included a chase where Abbott shot at civilians and inflicted a wound on his own leg before perching himself on the roof of a stranger's home. Sheriff's office personnel attempted to speak with Abbott and even had his sister talk to him.

Deputies then used "specialized equipment and bean bag rounds" to force Abbott out of his position. Abbott fled the area and began the chase.

While deputies tried to detain Myles Abbott, Jessica Smith faces charges for "resisting an officer without violence" and for interrupting their work by driving her golf cart, while completely naked, through the scene.

Pinellas County Sheriff Department had cordoned off the area. Several deputies told Smith to get out of the golf cart, but all requests were ignored.

The affidavit read:

"The defendant had a distinct odour of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person, and she was completely nude."

Reasons for her charges were:

"[Smith's] actions and inability to follow directions put multiple deputies at risk for potentially getting shot at."

Twitter does not seem to be upset by Smiths' actions.

In fact, most people seem pretty impressed.

Many people were not surprised, since it happened in Florida.


A few people thought Smith was a Lady Gaga look alike.

All jokes aside, this was a very dangerous situation.

Two other teens were arrested, 16-year-old Skyi Julien and 18-year-old Ki'moni Anderson, for Grand Theft of a Firearm, Carrying a Concealed Firearm and other charges.

Abbott was taken to the hospital for his self inflicted gunshot wound.

8 On Your Side spoke with the man who owned the home Abbott was camped out on.

"It was a constant attempt to deescalate the situation."
"While it was scary, I never thought there would be a shootout, but I was prepared to grab my wife and child if that did happen."
"Thank God it didn't happen."

A 15-year-old boy was shot during the incident and has since passed away.

Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by this sad and bizarre situation.