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Florida Mom Arrested After Bringing Boxing Gloves To Daughter's School To Help Beat Up Classmate

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

It's been a while but Florida people are once again making headlines. Could this signal a return to ... normal? Is nature healing?

34-year-old Edith Riddle, a mom from Jacksonville, Florida, was taken into police custody after she showed up at her daughter's middle school with boxing gloves to help her daughter beat up a classmate.

Riddle reportedly showed up to a meeting with the school Vice Principal with a boxing glove on her left hand, which she claimed she'd accidentally glued on and could not remove.

After the meeting, Riddle and her daughter cornered another student in the school cafeteria.

According to eyewitness accounts, Riddle's daughter "pushed the victim to the ground and threw some punches" before Riddle joined in and threw some punches herself.

The child who was assaulted by Riddle and her daughter was taken to a local hospital for treatment after she suffered abrasions to her knees and forearms.

Riddle remains in custody, charged with one count of child abuse with a personal/special weapon.

Where else but Florida?