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Florida Bizarrely Sent Out Emergency Alert At 4:45 AM––And The Jokes Wrote Themselves

Florida officials issued an apology to St Lucie County residents after accidentally issuing an early morning emergency alert, but Floridians weren't having any of it.

Screenshot of emergency alert on phone

There’s nothing like a 4:45 AM emergency alert. Especially when it’s just a drill.

This morning, Floridians from all walks of life experienced the mutual annoyance of a false emergency alert on their phones.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management issued an apology on their Twitter, saying that, “This alert was supposed to be on TV, and not disturb anyone already sleeping.”

Governor DeSantis chimed in calling it “a completely inappropriate use of this system”.

Since then there are reports that Governor DeSantis has severed ties with the company that issued the alert.

Twitter can’t help but laugh.

We’ll have to see how fast the majority of Floridians fall right back to sleep 🙄