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Watch This Flat-Earther's Experiment To Prove Earth Is Flat Go Wonderfully Awry

Watch This Flat-Earther's Experiment To Prove Earth Is Flat Go Wonderfully Awry
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We have come so far in the age of information that we have actually found people who vehemently refuse information.

Exhibit A:

flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers.

And no matter how many times they are proven wrong...they are certainly tenacious.

Flat-Earthers are a real mystery, for certain.

They just cannot get their own act together.

Exhibit B:

The new documentary, Behind The Curve, seeks to dive into the people of the Flat-Earth Movement and see...well...why.

Just why‽

Behind the Curve - Official Release

The Flat-Earthers, determined to prove that they are onto something, have an experiment all set up that will prove once and for all that the earth is flat.

Jeran, a man from a group called "Globebusters"—yes, seriously—set up two boards, both with a hole at a height of 17 feet above sea level.

He also had a camera, and used a second "Globebuster"—yes, that is seriously their name—Henrique holding a flashlight at the same height and aligned with the holes.

The results would clarify whether or not the earth was flat.

If it was, there is no reason for Jeran not to see Henrique's light. If it is round, as we know it is, curvature would make it ever so slightly impossible for Jeran to see the light.

Do you see where this is going?

FLAT EARTH -documentary Beyond the Curve fragment: Jeranism proves the globe..; "That's interesting"


The light could not be seen, until Henrique held the light over his head, a further 6 feet up from the starting location. Only then could Jeran see the light.

Because why?

Because, the earth is not flat!

This experiment has been repeated over and over again since the Bedford Level Experiment in 1836 by flat-earther Samuel Birley Rowbotham and in close to 200 years the result has always been the same.

We'll just call this Exhibit C.


-Shakes head-

The thing is, we know this won't change flat-earther's minds.

If it has been 200 years since the first time this experiment was performed, and here we are in just will not end.