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Facebook Messenger Now Has A Secret 'Dark Mode'—Here's How You Can Activate It

Facebook Messenger has many benefits, but one of its biggest downsides is the bright white screen that can't help but hurt people's eyes when used in dim light. Fortunately, on March 4th, Messenger released a tweet which hinted at a special easter egg, hidden within the app, that activates a secret "dark mode."

To activate the secret "dark mode," users must send the crescent moon emoji to someone (or themselves).

An animation will then be activated and users will be given the option to activate dark mode in the app's settings.

Users were incredibly excited about Messenger's new feature:

Other users had problems activating the feature...

After a software update, however, many more users have been able to get the easter egg to work.

Some Twitter users wonder why such a useful feature was being hidden from its users in the first place?

But, now that they know how to turn it on, people were excited nonetheless!

Many people's eyes will be spared by the newly-found dark screen.

Remember, just send the banana to yourself to make it work!