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Eric Trump's Brag About Rudy Giuliani Taking Down 'Dirt Bags' Turns Into A Glorious Self-Own

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Eric Trump can't seem to avoid putting his foot in his mouth on Twitter.

After his father's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave a bizarre press conference where hair dye ran down both sides of his face as he rambled about conspiracy theories, Eric Trump came to Giuliani's defense online.

Saying that Giuliani "took down the New York mob," Trump then said:

"He'll take down these dirtbags as well..."

Who were the dirtbags in this scenario?

Twitter could only imagine it was Eric Trump's own family.

Giuliani's embarrassing behavior seems unlikely to "take down" anyone.

Was Eric Trump watching the same press conference as the rest of us?

If Giuliani is intent on protecting the truth, he'll have to distance himself from the Trump's side as soon as possible.

The former NYC mayor's best days are clearly behind him.

Giuliani's effort aren't likely to "take down" the results of the 2020 election, though they've already sunk his reputation to new lows no one could have expected.