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Stylish Engagement Rings For Men Are Totally Now A Thing

Stylish Engagement Rings For Men Are Totally Now A Thing

The engagement-ring industry banks millions of dollars a year.

Traditionally, though, that money has been made by people buying rings for women.

In recent years that trend has been changing. As people grow in awareness of how damaging sourcing traditional engagement rings can be, people are moving away from them and towards more unique options.

Not only are rings themselves changing, so is the way we give them. As younger people move towards more equitable arrangements, engagement rings are moving beyond just women.

As a personal example, my engagement ring is made out of an antique spoon. It cost maybe $5 and is absolutely gorgeous.

My partner (yup, a man) also has an engagement ring. His is also made from an antique spoon.

The trend of men wearing engagement rings is on the rise so much, in fact, that fashion platform Lyst took notice. They crunched some numbers and showed that men wearing engagement rings is up 66% from previous years.

The trend may be due, in part, to the increase in male celebrities sporting the look.

In recent years Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, David Otunga (engaged to singer Jennifer Hudson), Michael Buble, Atlanta Falcons player Osi Umenyiora and even Charlie Sheen have all been seen wearing engagement rings.

Johnny Depps was super blingy - including diamonds and delicate metal work. Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble, on the other hand, are both sporting simple band rings.

Looking pretty dapper there, Sir.

Traditionally speaking, a wedding ring is also given - but remember we are all about doing it our way now. The tradition of giving a wedding band and engagement ring has been seeing a sharp decline.

Many couples are opting to just add a stone or engraving to the ring to signify the move from engagement to marriage. The same is being seen with men's engagement rings.

But just because the trend is on the rise doesn't mean people don't still have mixed opinions on the matter.

Remember folks, if you opt to go with an engagement ring for you or your man, it doesn't have to have diamonds. It doesn't even have to be metal!

Rings come in wood and even silicone. There's a whole wide world of rings just waiting for you.

Since we're bucking tradition anyway, just go for what feels right for you.