Elon Musk Just Confused The Moon For Mars, And Twitter Roasted Him Hard For It

Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Brais G. Rouco / Barcroft Media via Getty Images, @Silas46390241/Twitter

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made ripples in the space-time continuum on Sunday when he appeared to mistake an image of the Moon for one of Mars.

Musk tweeted out the image next to the phrase "Occupy Mars."

And to be fair, the image he used kind of looks like a red planet:

But it was most definitely not Mars.

Of course, Musk was not the first to make that mistake...

Musk's post actually featured an image of a "Blood Moon" from the July 2018 lunar eclipse.

Musk was immediately pounced on by astute Twitter users.



Certainly not a blunder you'd want to see from someone so heavily involved in space exploration.

But hold up for a second.

Perhaps it wasn't a mistake at all.

After all, as mentioned, a few weeks back President Trump was widely mocked after bizarrely tweeting out that the Moon is part of Mars.

So perhaps this was just Musk's sly attempt at a dig.

Either way, he responded with humor to being caught.

Musk is known for having kind of a bizarre Twitter feed, so let's not put it past him to troll all of us.

If so...good one?


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