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'Fox & Friends' Co-Host Dragged For Claiming Trump Works Hard Because He 'Watches Every Show'


On President Donald Trump's last full day in office, Fox News was still deffending him.

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt, defended Trump from critics who claim he had little work ethic while in office.

She said of the President:

"They'll crticize President Trump but no one can argue, he is a worker. He doesn't drink alcohol, he stays up late at night, he watches every show, he's working—he got to work immediately."

Of course, most people wouldn't consider "watching every show" to be the hard work of a President.

But Earlhardt was impressed by Trump's ability to catch every program on Fox.

Twitter uniformly dragged Earhardt for her empty defense of the President.

After hearing Earhardt's description of a Presidential day of "work," many people online felt they were up to the task.

Most Presidents don't have the time to watch even a little TV on a regular basis, but President Trump is so dedicated he managed to watch it almost every day and night!


Many Americans will likely remember President Trump as a leader uniquely obsessed with his own cable news media coverage.

President-elect Biden has given no indication he will dedicate hours of daily time to watching cable news, most likely preferring to receive updates from his own intelligence experts.

Though most people would consider this a positive step, Ainsley Earhardt might just disagree.