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Lena Dunham Wants Her Casket Driven Through A Pride Parade—And Gay Twitter Is Cringing

Lena Dunham Wants Her Casket Driven Through A Pride Parade—And Gay Twitter Is Cringing
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Actor, writer and filmmaker Lena Dunham always knows how to get people talking—often for all the wrong reasons.

Her latest viral moment is definitely no exception.

Dunham recently took to Twitter to share her plans for her funeral and it did not go over well.

Dunham wants to be sent off this mortal coil by having her casket driven through the New York City Pride Parade—arguably the largest on Earth—complete with a sign proclaiming her pro-LGBTQ+ bona fides.

In Lena Dunham's world, you become a gay icon by declaring you are one.

Suffice to say, Gay Twitter was collectively like "Absolutely and unequivocally no thank you."

It all began with the tweet seen below.

The tweet read:

"When I go, I want my casket to be driven through the NYC pride parade with a plaque that reads 'she wasn’t for everyone, but she *was* for us'—who can arrange?"


At risk of stating the obvious, the NYC Pride Parade is not about you, Lena. It's about a marginalized community under constant attack coming together to support each other and feel accepted in the city largely recognized as the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ equality movement.

For many LGBTQ+ people, especially in this day of constant legislative attacks against their fundamental rights, the day of their local Pride parade is the only day they feel safe and accepted all year.

As you might guess, Dunham's tweet weirdly declaring herself a queer icon as if that's how things work went over like a lead balloon, especially because Dunham has a bit of a track record for saying and doing the wrong things when it comes to marginalized people.

She's had to make so many public apologies for her gaffes over the years there's even a mocking Twitter account dedicated to generating apologies for her called "Lena Dunham Apologizes."

She might want to consult that account for her surely forthcoming apology about this tweet, because hoo boy, Gay Twitter was not having it.

As of this writing, no one associated with the NYC Pride Parade has volunteered to arrange Dunham's funeral procession.