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Dramatic Video Shows Out-Of-Control Rome Escalator 'Collapsing,' Injuring Over 20 People

Photo via Twitter

A few tourists found themselves in a nightmare situation at Repubblica Station in Rome, when an escalator began seemingly operating over-quickly and collapsing under the weight of its passengers.

A passerby on the neighboring escalator caught video of the terrifying incident:

Many of the people on the out of control escalator were Russian CSKA football fans.

Over 20 people were injured--some very seriously.

"I just experienced a scene from the apocalypse," one witness said. "One of the steps on the downward escalator, just a metre away from me, started accelerating extremely fast like it had gone crazy."

Emergency crews arrived to free the injured and send them to local hospitals.

One of the fans reportedly lost part of their foot in the accident, and at least two others' leg injuries will require surgery.

"A group of CSKA fans were going down into the station. At that moment the escalator collapsed," said a Roman police spokesman.

Witnesses said that the fans were rowdy and jumping up and down on the escalator, which is what lead to its collapse.

This is going to add escalators to our collective list of phobias.

H/T: BBC, Twitter