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Drake's Reaction To This Lollipop Magic Trick Is Probably More Entertaining Than The Actual Trick 😂

@JuliusDein/Twitter, @sidhant96807012/Twitter

Have you ever seen a lollipop change shape before your very eyes? Well, neither had Drake until he met London-based YouTube magician Julius Dein at an event at Annabel's Mayfair Club. And while the trick was amazing, the look on Drake's face was definitely the best part of the experience.

First Stein started by asking Drake to identify the lollipop. "It's a lollipop." And then he asks the seemingly unrelated question, "Who's your favorite superhero?" Drake gets a little suspicious, but finally answers "Batman!" as Dein sticks the lollipop in his mouth.

Watch the whole trick and check out the crazy detail Dein put into that Batman lollipop:

I mean, HOW????!!!

Maybe Julius Dein sprung this on Drake as an homage to his sampling of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" in his recent single, "In My Feelings."

The trick most definitely had Drake in his feelings. Just look at his face!

This isn't the first time Drake's mind has been completely blown by a magic trick. In 2016, Drake was seen reacting with shock and disgust to David Blaine spitting frogs into wine glasses:

And just last year, Drake and Jennifer Lopez were captured nearly falling over themselves with awe at Lior Suchard's watch trick:

So if you're ever in the mood to get Drake singing "Why, why?" to you, just go perform a magic trick for him and he'll serenade you all night with his amazement.

H/T: YouTube, Twitter