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Drag Queen Pissi Myles Becomes Unlikely Star Of Impeachment Hearings

Drag Queen Pissi Myles Becomes Unlikely Star Of Impeachment Hearings

Legions of LGBTQ people in New York City know Pissi Myles.

Whether she's hosting drag bingo at The Ritz or Pissi's Playhouse at Pieces Bar, Pissi constantly brings the party.

And always with style.

And at Wednesday's widely watched public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, Pissi brought the party to the Capitol.

The queen was there to cover the day's events for the indie news source Happs.

But with sky high hair, even higher heels and a fabulous frock, Pissi stood out amidst the sea of suits and sensible skirts.

She ended up making the news herself.

As photos of Pissi began making the rounds throughout the day's events, she became an instant sensation with shoutouts from drag legends like RuPaul and Lady Bunny.

By the next day, Pissi made the cover of the New York Post.

Tyler Lee Hastie/Facebook

While her look was on point, what resulted from her visit was even more admirable.

In a Facebook post after the hearing, Pissi thanked everyone for their support.

Myles also highlighted the numerous DACA recipients she met on the Hill as the Supreme Court decides whether or not to allow the deferred action program allowing undocumented people brought to the United States as children a pathway to legal status and citizenship.

Overall, the day's events gave Pissi hope for the future.

"I experienced a lot of love in the capital, which gives me hope that there is an upswing in morale in this country. People are starting to feel hopeful again, and we need to take that hopefulness to the polls in 2020."

Some of the queen's friends began circulating her Venmo username, urging people to tip her, since drag queens make a living from tips at their shows.

While Pissi said she appreciated the tips, she intends to donate them to an organization that supports DACA recipients.

The nation may not have an honorable President, but at least it's got no shortage of majestic queens.

You can get Pissi Myles' song Babashook(contains explicit lyrics) here.