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Dr. Fauci Threw Out The First Pitch On Opening Day—And Let's Just Say He Should Stick To Medicine

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The fact that professional sports are opening at all this year is nothing short of a miracle. Part of that is thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has consistently been a voice of reason guiding the USA through the pandemic.

He definitely chose the correct field to go into when it comes to "flattening the curve," though.

Fauci, who was invited to throw the first pitch at the MLB season opener, certainly flattened the curve ball.

He threw a ground ball that completely missed home plate.

Fauci, who is a baseball fan, definitely did his best and showed how one skill set—in this case, flattening the curve—does not always apply across professions.

The puns between pandemics and baseball are endless.

Fauci, in an exchange with player David Zimmerman before the pitch, revealed he was incredibly nervous to be there.

"Okay, well don't worry about it," Zimmerman said.

"If you bounce it, there's nobody there to boo you. So, you'll be good to go."

Fauci then stuck around to watch the game in the empty stadium.

He made light of his pitch later on to The Washington Post:

"It went in the wrong direction. I joked around after and said I used to be a shortstop when I played ball as a young boy and I thought I was supposed to throw to first base."

It's a nice moment of levity in an otherwise crazy and difficult year, and a nice way to make light of terms like "social distancing".

No doubt sports will undergo several difficulties as they try to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. But some semblance of normalcy is nice.