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Donut Shop Owner's Son Turns To Social Media After His Father's Grand Opening Is Met With An Empty Shop

There's nothing sadder than a donut shop with no one buying donuts. Especially if the donut shop is brand new!

Twitter user @hibillyby took to social media to spread the word about his father's newly opened donut shop, showing how sad his Dad looked without any customers to sample his delicious baking!

The only way to cheer up Billy's dad? By visiting Billy's Donuts!

Twitter immediately showed some interest in helping (by eating as many delicious treats as they could).

The next day, like magic, Billy Donuts had a line out the door!

Billy took to Twitter once again, this time to thank everyone for their support of his father's new business!

Locals felt the favor went both waysโ€”they helped out and they got delicious donuts out of it!

If you're anywhere around Missouri City, check out the local hotspot, Billy's Donuts!

For many Twitter users, it was all worth it to see Billy's dad looking cheerful.

If things continue on this path, Billy's Donuts will have to begin pumping out even more product.

Many donut lovers are still making plans to come visit!

Just remember: local donut shops need your support, which works out perfectly because you need their support too. Or at least their donuts.