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Photo Of Trump Sitting At A Laughably Tiny Presidential Desk Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle


During his Thanksgiving press conference, President Trump invited widespread mockery by sitting behind an abnormally small desk in the middle of a big empty room.

Images of Trump behind his tiny desk quickly went viral online.

The image quickly became the subject of a "photoshop battle," where internet users saw who could make the funniest image using Trump's tiny desk as a starting point.

People definitely got creative—with Reddit leading the charge.

In some ways, President Trump seems more at home behind his tiny desks than in the Oval Office.

Some of the photoshopped images imagined what it would have been like if President Trump had sat behind a normal-sized desk instead.

Where on earth did the President find such a small desk?!

Diaper-Don-Desk — ImgBB

At least Trump has guaranteed this press conference will be remembered for many years to come.

Thanks to the power of photoshop, President Trump's tiny desk could appear anywhere.

Or Trump could appear with anyone, including all his favorite friends.

That's the magic of the internet.