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Don Trump Jr. Decided To Weigh In On Ron Perlman's Pee Tweet—And The Battle Is On

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images, MSNBC/YouTube)

Donald Trump Jr. became unzipped when he read actor Ron Perlman's tweet about peeing on his hand before offering a handshake with Harvey Weinstein.

But the eldest Trump son didn't berate the Hellboy actor for the urinary handshake. Instead, Don Jr. criticized Perlman for not taking a more assertive approach to prevent the outcast Hollywood producer from harassing women any further.

Perlman's dig towards Don Jr. at the end of the tweet was enough to initiate a wee war between the two.

Don Jr.'s rebuke consequently put himself in the crosshairs of his own drama back at the home front. His father, President Donald Trump, has been accused of assaulting multiple women.

A little bird notified Hellboy to respond to Don Jr.s reprimand.

And he answered the call.

Perlman was delighted to hear about his new follower but alerted him to the fact that he was unaware of Weinstein's appalling track record of sexual misconduct at the time.

Don Jr. came out swinging with his zipper down for the Twitter pee war, and even though he misfired, this user gave him props.

Will there be another round of polemics? Or will they call truce and just shake on it––urine-free?

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