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Donald Trump Jr. Is Getting Trolled Hard With Fake Army Recruitment Ads Calling Him Out

Donald Trump Jr. has once again become the target of online trolls.

A prankster posted a photoshopped recruitment poster featuring the President's son outside of an army recruitment office.

Everyone knows it's satire because the Trump's don't do military service of any kind.

Unless they got paid for that poster...

The poster reads:

"I'm not enlisting, but you should."

It called out the Trump family's hypocritical support of further conflict with Iran despite patriarch President Trump, dodging the Vietnam draft with bone spurs.

Or the fact the President's grandfather was expelled from Germany for also shirking military service.

Many people also noted that Trump Jr. has seemed perfectly willing to kill unarmed animals.

Many memes were shared backing up the original poster's point.

If a war in Iran did start, it seems doubtful a Trump would be on the front lines.

Or any line.

People noted just because you come from a rich family....

This isn't the first time a public prankster has messed with Don Jr.'s stuff.

On Twitter, you can always get a laugh by burning Don Jr.


Sorry Don Jr., maybe they'll go easier on you tomorrow.

Probably not though.

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