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Don Jr.'s Revised MAGA Slogan For His Dad Backfires Spectacularly As Twitter Realizes It's A Self-Own

Don Jr.'s Revised MAGA Slogan For His Dad Backfires Spectacularly As Twitter Realizes It's A Self-Own
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. was made head of the Trump Organization when his father became President.

Both Don Jr. and brother Eric hold no position in the Trump administration.

They hold no security clearances and should not be privy to classified briefings or information of any kind.

That fact doesn't stop Fox News from frequently bringing Don Jr. and Eric on to offer "expert commentary" on information they shouldn't have regarding their father's presidency.

Like when Sean Hannity brought on Jr. to talk about the Trump administration's pandemic response. Jr. holds no position on the pandemic task force.

Aside from Fox News appearances, Don Jr. spends more time on social media than his siblings or brother-in-law Jared Kushner. While sister Ivanka and her husband Jared are official White House advisers and were appointed to multiple initiatives—including the pandemic response team—none comment as often on the action in Washington DC and the activities of Donald Trump than Jr..

However—given the things Jr. does post and their public reception—that's probably a good thing.

Who would want to embarrass themselves in such a public forum so often?

Jr.'s latest attempt at garnering attention backfired as most do. On Wednesday, Jr. posted on Twitter about the economy and the pandemic.

He tweeted:

"After the pandemic passes and we can fire up our economic engine I'm truly looking forward to watching [President Donald Trump] Make America Great Again... Again!!!"

Jr.'s revised campaign slogan failed to garner the reaction he hoped.

One referred to Jr.'s recent Fox News appearance.

People questioned Jr.'s claim that his father made America great once.

Many of the respondents brought up the number of lives lost to the pandemic and the Trump administration's initial denials.

For weeks, Trump and his followers called the global pandemic a hoax.

Others pointed out the current campaign slogan, Keep America Great, was contradicted by Jr.'s new one while there is still doubt that MAGA happened in the first place.


Although one person pointed out there was an aspect of Donald Trump's life that everyone should emulate during the pandemic.

As of Monday, April 27, cases of the viral pathogen responsible for the global pandemic reached over 993,000. The United States' death toll reached 55,729.

Neither number is great news.

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