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39-Year-Old Mom Goes Viral For TikTok About Starring In A Backstreet Boys Video As A Teen

39-Year-Old Mom Goes Viral For TikTok About Starring In A Backstreet Boys Video As A Teen

Whether or not we want to admit it, all of us like having cool stories to tell about ourselves. The more life-altering, the better!

For author and mom of four, Devon Daniels, she has a story that's sure to make all of the '90s kids jealous.

Daniels recently started posting on TikTok to promote her writing, hoping to gain traction with a new readership.

But then she shared an absolute gem of information that blew her followers away.

She appeared in the music video that truly made The Backstreet Boys household names back in the day.

You can watch the TikTok video here:


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Daniels wrote:

"To the nice boys I met at the airport who put me in their music video."

The Noisettes' "I'll Never Forget You" tune began playing in the background, true to one of the latest TikTok posting challenges.

Then she held up the Backstreet Boys' Millennium album, which contained the irresistible hit, "I Want It That Way."

Clips of the video were then included, which revealed Daniels to be one of the most notable figures from the music video. The blonde girl who smiled, screamed, and reached out for the band through the crowd.

Different than most music video appearances, Daniels was on-screen three distinct times, making her one of the most visible extras.

Daniels recalled:

"They were popular but ... it was just before the true explosion, so I wasn't even super familiar with who The Backstreet Boys were."
"I knew the songs, but I didn't necessarily know the band members."
"[When the video premiered,] our minds were blown. My face was in this video multiple times; that's the coolest part."
"At the time it premiered, everyone knew about [the music video]. It was like being a celebrity and having 15 minutes of fame. We even put the video on in class."
"I was on TRL every single day for years. Every single person came home and turned on the TV and watched TRL."

Admittedly, her four children didn't always get how cool this was.

"I've tried to explain to [my kids] over the years, and they have not cared."
"I've shown them the video, and they're like, 'Cool, mom, cool'."

But after Daniels' video went viral and comments came pouring in from all over the world, her children changed their tunes.

"To be in that video was totally life-changing."
"They're just now starting to get it."

Some viewers shared their absolute '90s envy.









This is one of those experiences Daniels will probably be able to flex forever.

Especially after Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter shared the story on Twitter.

Though her experience was from a different era and may not seem as impressive to younger generations, the '90s kids will always understand.