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Twitter Is Debating If Young Al Pacino Or Young Robert De Niro Is Hotter—And The Thirst Is Real

After Twitter user Ashley Reese attempted to sort out a wedding debate with a poll, the results showed that we're just as divided as we've ever been about the two celebrated actors.

Al Pacino; Robert De Niro
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images; Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images

A tiny innocent Twitter poll created to settle a debate at a wedding turned into possibly the most heated voting campaign since 2020.

Twitter user Ashley Reese launched the poll after attendees at a wedding could not come to an agreement on who was hotter: Young Al Pacino or Young Robert De Niro.

While it seems like a simple choice, the poll turned out 277,000 voters before it closed after 24 hours. And while the voter turnout in itself is more than impressive, the most insane part of this poll is that it ended in a tie.

A tie! More than a quarter of a million people were split 50/50 on this debate.

The debate became so heated, in fact, that people took the fight to TikTok.

As its popularity soared, other outlets began to report on this phenomenon.

Even Fox News got in on the action.

The poll also leaked into the time slot of the highly anticipated election episode of Succession, which heightened the drama even more.

And the masses flooded Twitter with their talking points to try and sway voters.

While the poll has closed and the results are in, the debate is far from over.

But I think we can all agree they were both 🔥.