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What Time Do Clocks Go Back for Daylight Saving Time 2017?

What Time Do Clocks Go Back for Daylight Saving Time 2017?

You’ve probably seen the reminders everywhere that it’s time to turn your clocks back one hour. And let’s be honest—you’re really looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. But when do clocks go back on daylight saving time? Here’s your answer (and some Daylight Saving Time 2017 trivia for you).

When Do Clocks Go Back On Daylight Saving Time?

Clocks go back at 2:00am (Eastern Standard Time) on November 5, 2017. This means that you will get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Most clocks (like the ones on your smartphone or computer) will make the adjustment automatically. Don’t forget to make the adjustment on your alarm clock, wall clock or other devices before going to bed on Saturday night. After all, you do want to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep you get during Daylight Savings Time 2017.

Why Do Our Clocks Go Back on Daylight Saving Time 2017?

There are a lot of rumors about why Daylight Saving Time exists. Some believe that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea after noticing that people started burning candles and sleeping until dawn. Some people think that the change is made every spring and fall so farmers will have more time to work in the fields. But the truth is that Daylight Saving Time was created because of money.

During World War I, President Wilson signed a Daylight Saving Time law which caused people to lose an hour in the spring and gain it back in the fall so the country would save money on fuel consumption. However, after the war was over the changes didn’t stick. It wasn’t until President Roosevelt signed another act into law during World War II that Daylight Saving Time became a nationwide practice (unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, who don’t change their clocks).

Wait--Isn’t It Daylight Savings Time 2017?

Actually, no. The proper term for moving your clocks back an hour every fall (and forward an hour in the spring) is called Daylight Saving Time. Don’t worry—it’s actually a very common mistake. And in case you’re wondering when the next time your sleep schedule will be disrupted like this, Daylight Saving Time goes back into place on March 11, 2018.


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