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Dallas' First Community Police Oversight Board Meeting Erupts Into Chaos After Board Moves To Adjourn Without Hearing From Public

Following the sentencing of Amber Guyer, a police officer who shot a black man in his own home because she mistakenly believed it was hers, the Dallas community is still feeling especially tense.

For years, the city has been preparing to unveil its Community Police Oversight board and at this pivotal moment last Tuesday, October 8, it finally held its first meeting.

But when the board moved to adjourn before hearing any comments or concerns from the public, the response was sudden and chaotic. Officers restrained several attendees who became upset.

Many citizens were enraged when they realized the board they've spent months working to create with Chief Renee Hall was going to end its meeting without hearing from them, the most crucial part of the process.

After the meeting had calmed, the board gave all who wanted to speak two minutes to do so.

McKinney City Councilman La'Shadion Shemwell spoke to the board, saying:

"Don't let this board appointment and the position that you hold take control or blind your filters on what it is you're here to do. You're here to represent the people and to give us a fair opportunity when we are being handled or mishandled by the police here in this city."

Changa Higgins, an activist who worked closely with Chief Hall to make sure the board materialized, reminded them of their purpose.

"You exist to ensure accountability, justice, procedural fairness for us, not them."

Many commenters asked for three of the board members to resign over claims that they don't believe in the idea of a police oversight board.

One board member, Janice Coffee, admitted she was previously not in favor of boards such as the one she now serves on.

Hopefully, over time, the board and the Dallas community establish a healthy relationship that serves to improve the area as a whole and provide equal justice for all people.


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