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Cyclist Charged After Video Shows Her Attacking First Nations Woman For Not Wearing A Bra

Cyclist Charged After Video Shows Her Attacking First Nations Woman For Not Wearing A Bra
@LauraGee77 / Twitter

A viral video of a woman attacking another woman for supposedly not wearing a bra shows the altercation from the victim’s perspective.

Laura Gagnon, a First Nations woman in Ottawa, Canada, shared the video on Twitter. While the woman in the video has yet to be publicly identified, people online are calling for action against her.

According to Gagnon, she initially shared the video to Instagram and later uploaded it to Twitter.

The footage, taken last week, showed the two women yelling at each other. Gagnon questioned why she was being shamed for what she was wearing, and said she was an Indigenous woman on un-ceded Algonquin territory.

The women appeared to get into a fight, with Gagnon telling the woman not to touch her.

Things took a turn when the woman realized Gagnon was recording her.

She screamed:

“Stop filming!”

From there, the encounter escalated.

Police were called to the area over the incident. According to the Ottawa Citizen, police responded to reports of a “collision.”.

The suspect was charged with assault and mischief, and released pending a court appearance. They have not chosen to prosecute this as a hate-crime related incident.

Regardless, the two minute video seemed to escalate very quickly from a verbal altercation to a mob attacking Gagnon in her car. What could Gagnon have done to upset them so much?

According to her, the fight began because the suspect was upset she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Since then, Gagnon has released some updates on what happened.

The suspect is expected back in court later this year. Ottawa police have also reached out to Gagnon and offered support.

While it hasn’t been charged as a hate crime, it does seem strange that Gagnon would be attacked out of nowhere. That said, hate crimes have been happening more often lately.

Just last month a woman got into a fight, assaulting and making racist comments about a group of Indian-American women. That altercation is being investigated as a hate crime.