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Woman Asks TikTok Which Spoon Is The 'Correct' Choice—And The Opinions Are Surprisingly Strong

TikToker sparked intense debate after having viewers pick between two seemingly similar spoons, noting there was only one correct choice.

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A debate about spoon preference has come completely unhinged, and, no, it's not about the big or little one.

TikToker posted a now-viral video to TikTok asking viewers to choose the correct spoon from her two options. The video - which has been viewed more than 11.8 million times in two weeks - has TikTok divided and committed.

The video featured two very similar spoons with their handles being the most notably different. One had a flatter handle and wider base with a groove around the edge while the other was more basic and a little thinner.

In the video captioned, "Is this the new neurodivergent stuff that's going around?" shared:

"I'm really hoping I can find my people here."
"I have recently found out that there are some people in the world that can go into a cutlery drawer and pick either of these spoons."

According to the creator, one is vastly superior, but she wanted the viewers' input.

Not only did viewers comment with their choice, but they were certain of it.

But people really needed to know... what was the correct answer?

Finally, followed up with another video revealing that her choice is spoon number one, adding that the second is strictly for stirring.

Replying to @justjenniew The answer to a lot of people's question is finally here.... #toansweryourquestion #itsfinallyhere #responding #spoontheory #itsallaboutthespoons #whichonewouldyoupick #dontcomeforme #thankyouforthelove #millenialontiktok #facereveal #whichspoonvideo #option1oroption2 #viralvideo

She said in the second:

"I wasn't expecting the response that I got on this video. I'm actually nervous to give my answer because obviously it's going to disappoint quite a lot of people."

And that it did.

But, on a positive note, it made a lot of people happy, too!