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Ad For GOP Colorado Senator Heavily Features The Grand Canyon—Which Is Nowhere Near Colorado

Pool/Getty Images

The race for control of the Senate is just as close as the one for President this election day and there may not be any Republican in more danger of losing his seat than Colorado's Cory Gardner.

Due to President Trump's deep unpopularity in the state and the high profile of Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper, most polls show Gardner trailing badly, with only a fringe chance of retaining his seat.

The Gardner campaign needed a bold move to get things back on track. In a new ad, they might have taken things a step too far.

While a narrator talks about "Colorado's greatest resource...our land," the camera pans past the Grand Canyon, one of the nation's most well-known landmarks.

The Grand Canyon also happens to be located mostly in Arizona.

The ad, which was funded by conservative super PAC ESAFund, seems to have done more harm than good to Gardner's campaign.

On Twitter, the Republican Senator was widely mocked for the mistake.

Colorado Democratic Party spokesperson Eli Rosen joked that the funders of Gardner's super PAC don't seem to have a good handle on the state.

You'd think someone would have caught this mistake before the ad was released!

Of course, just because Colorado doesn't have the Grand Canyon doesn't mean it isn't still beautiful.

Colorado citizens will cast their ballots today to determine who will represent them beginning in January 2021.

Hopefully whoever it is knows where exactly the Grand Canyon is.