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Pro-Trumpers Melt Down Over News That McConnell Is 'Pleased' About Potential Impeachment

Pro-Trumpers Melt Down Over News That McConnell Is 'Pleased' About Potential Impeachment
Sarah Silbiger-Pool/Getty Images

Following the violence on Capitol Hill incited at a rally promoted and headlined by Donald Trump, the House of Representatives have drawn up articles of impeachment against the President.

Since this impeachment effort already has more bipartisan support than their last one, it seems likely the House will vote to impeach the President and send the issue to the Senate.

Unlike last time, however, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is reportedly "pleased" about the impeachment. The GOP leader was a vocal opponent of Trump's first impeachment.

McConnell reportedly believes Trump committed offenses that warrant the action by the House.

As news broke McConnell might finally break with Trump and vote to impeach him, conservatives on Twitter turned on him.

Many called him out using the nickname "Cocaine Mitch."

Twitter's liberals, meanwhile, thought the nickname was a little too cool for someone like Mitch McConnell.

There were many online who were thrilled to see the Republican Party tear itself apart over Donald Trump.

When "Cocaine Mitch" began trending, Twitter also added a slightly irrelevant warning label.

Some Twitter users also urged people to remember McConnell deciding to distance himself from Trump—with less than a week left in his Presidency—isn't exactly "brave."

"Cocaine Mitch" is the kind of nickname McConnell might have trouble shaking.

It seemed to many political analysts President Trump's legacy now includes a predictable fracturing of the Republican Party, with "Cocaine Mitch" unexpectedly on the opposing side of the MAGA minions.

Wednesday evening, McConnell posted a statement on Twitter.

While McConnell is not vehemently opposed to Trump's conviction like he was after the first impeachment, he plans to hold off on consideration until Biden takes office and Georgia's new Senators are seated.