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Chrissy Teigen Didn't Hold Back When Admitting The Realities Of Childbirth—And, Ouch 😳

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen has just recently given birth to new baby boy with her husband, singer John Legend. Together, they named the baby Miles Theodore Stephens, and he is just about as cute as they come. But Teigen wasn't about to post about the joys of postpartum life without reminding fans of its less-than-glamorous drawbacks.

For sure, this is the cutest baby.

Instagram commenters sent their love, with messages like:

He's beautiful. Looks a lot like daddy there, but I can see mommy in his chin


He looks like he's already planning some songs to write down lol

Looking at pictures like these, it's easy to think of the family as a constantly living the perfect life, happy and filled with joy!

But Teigen was absolutely not going to let that illusion skate by:

Other women chimed in to keep reality in perspective.

Some very valuable lessons were learned by all.

Teigen also posted a very honest photo of her newborn baby "look" on Instagram:

Fans were incredibly supportive, posting comments like:

Congrats!! Those stretch undies are the best things ever after baby. I also had ice diapers added to mine to help w swelling.


OMG the fact that you posted this picture just makes me love you even more. That was me around the house when I had my daughter.

It looks like the Teigan Clan is happy to have a new face in the mix! Congratulations!

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