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Chris Hemsworth Hilariously Trolled By His Brother After Photo Of His Massive Arm Goes Viral

Getty Images/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association

The Hemsworth family has a reputation.

A reputation for being Australian, extremely good looking, absolutely jacked and generally all-over heartthrobs.

Take, for example, Chris Hemsworth, who has muscles bigger than most entire children.

In fact, his arm is actually the size of his own child, as shown here:

This picture went viral, because people could hardly believe their eyes at the size and composition of that limb.

But then you look down...


...and notice his legs are considerably smaller than his arms.

Have we found his one flaw?

His brother, Luke Hemsworth, fully dragged his little (younger) big (larger) brother for it.


By the way, Luke Hemsworth of Westworld fame is just as jacked as his younger brothers Liam and Chris.

Take a look:

And as long as we're on the topic...

Here's the youngest and possibly tallest Hemsworth, actor Liam of Most Dangerous Game.


Luke Hemsworth wasn't the only person to note the big size difference between his brother's arms and legs.

It is certainly a big contrast, as Hemsworth's upper body is absolutely bulging with muscles.

But the extremely skinny legs are more likely a result of poor perspective and motion than of anything else.

But it is still very disarming.

Celebrities: they're just like us.

Because really, who really wants to do leg day?

Though arms and a chest that big must take a lot of extra attention, so have some compassion for Mr. Hemsworth, please.

Let his brother do the roasting.