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Chris Evans Just Ripped Trump To Shreds For Telling His Supporters Not To Be Afraid Of The Virus

Chris Evans Just Ripped Trump To Shreds For Telling His Supporters Not To Be Afraid Of The Virus
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Scott Olsen/Getty Images

On Monday, October 5, President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center and moved to the medical suite at the White House.

As he was transferred, the President sent out a tweet telling Americans:

"Don't be afraid of [the virus]. Don't let it dominate your life."

Many online quickly pointed out President Trump had free access to the best healthcare in the country and received an uncommon cocktail of experimental antiviral medications and steroids.

Very few Americans have access to this level of healthcare and not all of those who do are lucky enough to recover. Even Trump's "recovery" isn't completely certain, considering the short time since his diagnosis and the virus' tendency to return after initial improvements.

Almost everyone agreed the President's tweet was needlessly dangerous and myopic. Over 200,000 Americans have died because of the pandemic, yet President Trump is urging his supporters to disregard the virus's dangers.

Captain America himself, actor Chris Evans, addressed the President on Twitter.

Twitter turned out to support Evans's sentiment, begging Americans to be vigilant in public spaces.

People all over the world wished for an American President who took the pandemic seriously.

Many online were thankful Chris Evans was using his platform to spread more accurate information.

Though his days in the Marvel Universe may be over, Chris Evans will always be Captain America.

There was only one thing Evans got wrong...

With infections rising in most U.S. states, it's more important than ever the President takes the virus seriously. Based on these tweets, however, it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.