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'Charmed' Star Furiously Lays Into Trump After Her Pro-Trump Grandfather Dies From Virus

'Charmed' Star Furiously Lays Into Trump After Her Pro-Trump Grandfather Dies From Virus

Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs spoke out against Donald Trump on Twitter Monday.

Her grandfather passed away from the virus the President downplayed for months.

In a recent tweet, the President wrote that he never claimed the virus was a "hoax," saying Democrats and the media were the real hoax.

Combs replied to the tweet with a scathing rebuke of the President.

Quickly, Trump supporters descended on Combs, tearing her down for her anti-Trump stance.

Many other Twitter users, however, expressed their condolences.

Many also felt the President had a share of the blame for the pandemic's rapid spread in the United States.

There were some fans who thanked Combs for using her platform to stand up to the President.

The President is spreading misinformation about the virus on a near daily basis.

Combs' grandfather is one of untold thousands of victims who could have been saved if the U.S. had taken action sooner.

According to Combs, President Trump bears responsibility for many deaths and she is not going to let him forget it.

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