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Pro-Trumper Brutally Mocked After He Blasted Prince Harry As A 'Metrosexual Beta Male'

Pro-Trumper Brutally Mocked After He Blasted Prince Harry As A 'Metrosexual Beta Male'
Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images ; Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Conservative host, Turning Point USA founder, author, and "right-wing provocateur" Charlie Kirk has taken aim at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It ... has not gone well for him.

The couple recently sat with Oprah to discuss their treatment by the royal family. The interview, which was viewed by millions, was full of bombshell moments.

They claim that before baby Archie was even born, his skin color was a topic of concern and conversation among the royals. Multiple times.

The family also broke with 1,000 year tradition and refused to give Archie a royal title, security, etc.

Megan was denied mental health care she requested during her pregnancy. She was told it would be bad for appearances.

The list goes on...

Social media blew up as the the conversation wove through multiple shocking accusations of mistreatment and silencing by the palace.

During the interview, Harry spoke lovingly about Meghan and made his devotion to her and their family apparent. Markle maintained her composure and was cautious as she spoke, while Prince Harry was more passionate, emotional and forthcoming.

People noticed.

Harry's affection, forthcoming nature, and general manner have all garnered criticism by conservative personality Charlie Kirk in the past. This interview prompted a particularly vitriolic response, though.

Kirk dismissed Prince Harry as "a metrosexual beta male who is lacking in almost all testosterone."

Prince Harry is a military veteran. Charlie Kirk is not.

Kirk also stated he believed Meghan Markle was "making it up" despite the fact it was Harry, not Meghan, doing most of the accusing and explaining.

The comments happen near the end of the video, after the Piers Morgan clip.

Twitter was already ramped up from the interview, so Kirk targeting the couple earned him quick backlash.

Which means Twitter roasted him into oblivion over it.

We doubt Prince Harry or Meghan Markle will respond (despite calls for a UFC style fight between Harry and Charlie) but we will certainly keep you updated if they do.