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Anonymous Celebrity Influencer Posts The Most Outrageously Demanding Ad For 'Part Time' Assistant Job

Anonymous Celebrity Influencer Posts The Most Outrageously Demanding Ad For 'Part Time' Assistant Job
Laflor/Getty images; TaylorLorenz / Twitter

The anonymity of the internet can be very freeing and scary. To some, it can allow them to express deep emotions they may be resistant to share otherwise. For others, it provides an excuse to troll and harass people.

And for a select few, it inadvertently gets you to tell on yourself when you do something bad.

A posting looking for an assistant to a "well known celebrity/influencer with 10+ million followers" went viral due to the ridiculous demands of the job.

The posting has been deleted, but nothing is truly gone on the internet.

The job ad was shared to Entertainment Careers, and describes the numerous duties of the assistant. For what's meant to be a part time job, the requirements are excessive.

To start, this is a part time position that requires you to be on property for 8 hours a day, and be available on call 24/7. To many online, this doesn't sound like a part time job.

Then we get into the actual work of the job, which includes:

"…Cleaning cooking, communicating with producer/videographer/editor/manager/all stylists/cleaning services/other celebrities/friends, researching and preparing for all pre-production, production, and post production activities, handling all personal tasks for the YouTuber, etc."

And it just goes on and on and on.

The biggest red flags are the number of times the listing mentions the candidate should not be "emotional". Combined with a portion that says, "You must be able to be the bad guy" and people online are left wondering if this influencer has an issue with controlling their own emotions.

The ad lists pay as $25-30 per hour which in some parts of the country could be decent pay. But this is for a job in Los Angeles, where the cost of living is much higher.

And again, this is for a "part time" position where you have to be available all the time.

The number of people obsessed with the insanity of this listing is tremendous. Thanks to the ad, we know the influencer is a YouTuber with 10 million followers, assuming they weren't lying.

But people really want to know, who is it?

With all the bad things going on in the world, it's nice to be able to join a bunch of people and make fun of an insane job posting. It's less fun remembering that this job posting is evidence of one of the reasons the world is bad.

Take time to reflect and be good to each other. And maybe don't try to pay someone part time wages to basically do everything for you in your life.